Unripe Wild Passion Fruit (Passiflora foetida) at the entrance of Keppel Reservoir

Duration: 0900 - 1200 (3 hours)
Date: 1st Sunday of every Month
Location: Keppel Hill Reservoir
No. of pax: Max. 8 pax per Walk (Minimum 4 to start) 
Level of Difficulty: Medium Difficulty Hike
Cost per pax: $78 per pax ($300 for group of 4)​​​
Join us on an exploration of the untamed forest paths surrounding the old Keppel Hill Reservoir to source for natural pigments. Before synthetic pigments became popular in the 19th-century, people used what they found from their natural environment - organic material from plants, animals and minerals - to make colours and artworks. During the hike, we will bring you to rediscover some of the plants and pigments that can gift us colours hidden in our forest lands.
This workshop aims to provide participants a peek behind the working process of botanical ink-makers and colour-hunters. During the hike, we will show you how we look out for pigments, some of the forest plants we have worked with to make colours, and demonstrate simple colour-making recipes with material collected.  Depending on the season, we may show you special forest plants that are part of Nature's pantry and pharmacy. 
At the end of the session, participants will get to create and bring home their own artworks using their own handmade paints, and hopefully also a deeper understanding and awareness of how humans depend on Nature's gifts as a way of living. 
This is a medium difficulty hike. We will be walking into forested areas on non-concrete paths. Expect to get mud on your shoes at some points during the hike, especially during wet days. There will also be some slopes and fallen logs to maneuver around.
Testimonials from Past Participants
"The experience with wild dot was a pleasant surprise! It is a unique, immersive and an interactive experience. With amazing professional guides who are so willing to share how every plant, flower, fruit , and bark could potentially produce a one of a kind pigments. Every step with wild dot is an enriching one. I would highly recommend that you take that step to engage with nature and allow wild dot to show you the possibilities of nature! I’ve learnt so so much and am inspired to explore with natural pigments. Thank you for being so accommodating!"
We are truly blessed to experience Wild Art with Liz & Shirin. They are both very knowledgeable and creative guides to bring us through Keppel Reservoir to discover exotic plants, interesting trails, rare sites and outdoor painting with organic colour dyes.
"Probably one of the best trails I've been too. So many beautiful places that we get to explore. The instructors were very knowledgeable and I gained a lot of knowledge through out. The hands on activity were also very interesting and therapeutic."
"The Wild Art Session was AMAZING! Liz and Shirin are wonderful people and had such vast knowledge about the forest. I had a great time making pigments and learning about them, and the two of them encouraged us to freely explore art as a way of expressing ourselves."
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