As part of the preschool’s efforts in moving towards more sustainable art activities for their learners, we were engaged to run a workshop to train their educators in noticing and using earth pigments found in their own garden space to make watercolours.

Here are what some of the educators shared post-workshop:

“I just finished your Wild Dot  workshop, and wanted to drop  you a line to say  thank you. I had  an opportunity  to go back to  my childhood  whereby I could  play with natural  elements such  as flowers, soil  or stone. I was  amazed by the  beautiful colors  from nature.  Most importantly, I  have learned so  much!”

“I have a totally  new way to  make  watercolors and  apply to my  lesson plans.  As a  kindergarten  teacher, I have  gained amazing  resources to  introduce to  children. Thank  you very much,  I’m excited to  join other Wild  Dot’s  workshops in  the future. “

“The teachers will definitely be able to use the knowledge that they have picked up to incorporate natural paint/colours into our artwork with the children! Many times, we are “stucked” with the standard colours. It also brings about new meaning to our gardening curriculum, especially with the method of extracting blue pea flower ink.”

Are you a preschool educator who would like to integrate the way of working with nature into your school curriculum? We are looking for more preschool collaborators to pilot some programmes we have in mind. Please write to us at for more information.