City Sprouts

We were invited to host a paint-making session for the families attending Farm Day Out @ City Sprouts! The activity was initially planned for kids, but we were happy to have many parents and adults join in the fun of painting with their own foraged earth paints and botanical colours.

The Garden House Preschool

We conducted a 4-week programme for preschoolers aged 3 to 7 at The Garden House Preschool. During the programme, the kids learnt to forage for and work with pigments from their school grounds, the garden, as well as some vegetables brought from the kitchen.

Event at Fullerton Hotel

Using material harvested from the Fullerton Farm, we introduced kids attending Fullerton Academy’s e-KidsExcel Programme to our work as botanical inkmakers! The event was attended by Minister Shanmugam and representatives from Nee Soon GRC.