Duration: 2 hours
No. of pax: Minimum 10 pax to start
Cost: Please write in to us at
Join us for a sensory experience meeting unique (and edible) plants that gift natural colours for painting. Together with your friends and colleagues, we invite you to experiment with the range of tones a single plant can gift, create a palette of botanical inks, and allow their unique chemistries guide you in your creation.
Participants will be introduced to simple ways of extracting plant pigments that can be easily replicated using equipment from home. We will highlight edible plants that one can grow at home.  Using common kitchen ingredients, participants can experiment with the “living” quality of botanical inks - how they change with modifiers, environment and time. 
You do not need any drawing skills to participate.  We encourage people to treat the creation process with spontaneity and playfulness. This workshop is suitable for private / corporate groups.
Please leave us a message through the form below to indicate your interest, and we will get back to you within 2-3 working days. 
Testimonials from Past Participants
"It was really nice to learn and get well acquainted with plants that exist around us, and also to better understand food and how it doesn't have to exist as just something that we eat. 
Everything takes time and we need to learn to trust the process. A single batch of natural paint takes time to process, and even within that time frame, colors change over time based on the natural environment. Everything has a cause and effect and it's amazing to learn it through plants and flowers and natural dyes.
This session was an invitation to observe what we see and touch, to understand that natural color is all around us and most importantly, that we should give thanks to this earth for gifting us more than we probably deserve."
- Therese from VIVITA Singapore
Thank you!

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