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Our art sessions bring students out of the indoor classroom and into the nature of their own school or neighbourhood. Our intention is to create a playful space where students of all ages can experience the joy of working with natural material for creative expression. Our facilitators encourage experimentation and a playful attitude to making,  as we believe that would help students form their own positive memories with the space better.

These are the following programmes that are currently available for schools. The programmes are usually conducted within the school compound, if considered suitable after a site recce.

Living Colours

A 2.5-hour (max) workshop that aims to introduce students through identification and observation of natural pigments and fibres available within the school compound.

Workshop Objectives:

1. Heighten awareness of the diversity of plants and colours within the school compound;

 2. Teach the basics of making inks from plants and earth pigments;

3. Explore crafting methods through brush and mark-making with natural material;

4. Discuss on sustainable art practices through ethical foraging and concerns of modern artist paints.

The process of working with natural pigments can be interdisciplinary and can be aligned with the MOE school curriculum – especially in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Geography. If you are a school educator who is keen to explore how the workshop can align with your curriculum, please write in to us!

Earth to Paint

This 3h (max) workshop is targeted towards students from the Art Elective Programme (AEP) or Art Club members. Also suitable for art educators interested in learning about natural paint and pigments! This workshop covers the process of noticing, foraging, and processing of earth pigments that can be found around school and turning it into watercolour paints. 

Workshop Objectives: 

1. Learn about the ingredients that are found in traditional artist watercolour paints;

2. Identify and forage for earth pigments responsibly through exploration of the school compounds;

3. Experience the process of mulling watercolour paints by hand, using environmentally-safe natural ingredients.

DIY Classroom Kits (Coming soon!)

For the adventurous educators who would like to run the sessions on your own.

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