Garden Gifts

‘Garden Gifts’ is a series of mini artworks Wild Dot co-founder Shirin made from material in the studio garden as part of Maya Gallery’s Open Call “Small Matter”. Every part of each piece – paper, paints, frame – is made from plants taken care of, harvested from, and finally crafted into these pieces. Making the […]

Residency: SG Seeds Exchange

We explored the interface between local edible plants and colours through a series of paintings with inks made from parts of edible plants found around Singapore. We also shared on our social media the processes used for ink / pigment extraction. These pieces were commissioned by SG Seed Exchange. The Edible Plants Series

Residency: Library@Orchard

During the Open Studio residency at library@orchard, we hosted a few community engagement sessions, introducing people to how we work with dye plants found around the streets of Singapore. It was wonderful to meet people of a wide range backgrounds – from children as young as four to retirees, artists and botanists, who have somehow […]

Strokes and Fibres

Creating canvases through interlocking patterns. Expanding beyond our interest in plant colours, we move into canvas-making with natural fibres. The process is completely different, yet the patience required to work with each is similar. The desire to blend the fibres with a machine is strong; we realize it yields more uniform and personally, less interesting […]

Living Colours

A ongoing series of mini-artworks made simply with plants residing amidst us. The abstraction of plant shapes mean to draw the audience’s eyes closer to the colours and textures of the natural inks rather than exact form itself. This blurred form is guided by the natural shift in tones with time, and the intentional pH […]


This series titled “Trails” is a documentation of the mark identities of plants we came across during our nature hikes. Beyond conventional art materials, it is also an exploration of the varied patterns and lines we can create using materials from the forest.