When art meets nature.
What we do 
We see the creative process of art-making with Nature as a medium to engage people in exploring and learning about the flora we share our space with.  Using plants found in Singapore and urban waste, we make plant-based watercolours and host Art with Nature experiences for individuals and schools.
Here are some of the plants that we have created with:
A Moldy Beginning?
Stuck with packets of moldy blueberries, Shirin and Liz mashed and strained them into their first bottle of natural ink. The colours were nice but the inks were sticky and did not last for long. The duo eventually looked into other natural pigments, and fell into a rabbit hole of experimenting with the extraction of colour pigments from common plants around Singapore. They co-started Wild Dot as a way of documenting these plant properties and techniques. 
Today, they have expanded to sharing their process  and the ethnobotanical uses of dye plants in Southeast Asia with others.
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